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A few words about Us

Indian Honey King, is the only honey brand in the India to be produced with the planet in mind. Every element of the process when making a jar of IndianHoneyking Honey is carried out with the greatest respect for honeybees, the honey and the environment, making its taste superior and its footprint carbon neutral. IndianHoneyKing Honey is pure. It comes from natural habitats in various parts of India like Kashmir, and our bees are not fed junk food (no sugar, corn syrup or antibiotics) they are left with their own honey.

IndianHoneyKing’s pure natural honey has no added sugar, water or chemicals. Why the birds on the labels? At IndianHoneyKing it is not just about honey, it’s about the bees, the birds and the trees.

IndianHoneyking honey is recognized as a ‘superfood’ due its curative properties including aiding digestion, improving energy, immunity and bacterial resistance as well as having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. IndianHoneyKing Honey is raw, and not pasteurized. It contains rich amounts of pollen because we do not aggressively filter it. The maximum, natural goodness of honey is maintained in every jar of IndianHoneyking Honey and nature is left to simply work its magic.